Bigdata and Hadoop

What is Big Data?

Big data describes a holistic information management strategy that includes and integrates many new types of data and data management alongside traditional data.

Making Sense of Big Data: A Day in the Life of an Enterprise Architect

We live in a world increasingly driven by data. How your organization defines its data strategy and approaching inclusive of its choice of big data and cloud technologies it will make a critical difference in your ability to compete in the future.

Leverage the benefits of big data in the cloud.

Choose the leading provider to both firms and top cloud app vendors.

Extend scalability, reliability, and resiliency across the entire environment.

Build on Oracle Engineered Systems for the best price for performance.

Protect investments and skills in the era of big data and cloud.

Overview of Big Data

Use powerful, open source database technologies to power your apps they provide flexibility, scalability, and geospatial capabilities in a fully managed service. Make your web and mobile applications more scalable and available to users, wherever they are.

Modernize and extend your online transaction processing (OLTP) databases and data warehouses to hybrid cloud architecture. Business users can gain valuable insights easily and more cost-effectively with the most complete and integrated set of data and analytics services.

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